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We make it easier for small businesses to develop, test and deploy complex application code.


The Web Compression App

Whether you’re trying to deliver new apps more quickly or get your app development team up to speed, our web experts are here to help ensure your code is clean, concise, and executes properly.


Long Term Support and Updates

Our compression subscriptions provide support for many different runtime environments including PHP, .NET, and other popular coding frameworks. We even offer long-term support and patches so you’re always up to date.


The Web Compression Team

Being a Compressor is definitely a special mission. It’s not something that anyone can do. You might be the next innovator that we’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to inquire about our company! Learn what it takes to be a Compressor and more!

Our Services

Do you need a way to deliver mobile applications and web applications fast? Look no further! We offer an end to end solution for the fast delivery and deployment of various applications. Our primary goal is to help companies innovate quicker than ever before. To do this, we help development and operations teams create the necessary infrastructure to support fast releases in .NET and PHP applications, as well as other frameworks. With Web Compression behind you, the wind is in your digital sails!


Measuring Performance On Your Business's Website

Measuring performance on your website is quite simple when you hire a company to help you. There are quite a few testing protocols that you may use, and this article explains how companies will ensure you have the best idea of how fast your server is. The server you are running today must be checked many times over while you learn about its capabilities.

Testing Soon

You must test your server as soon as possible so that you know what you have running your web pages. You will know the sort of experience your customers are having, and you will find that the server may be sped up by simple techniques that you are taught by the testing company. They will help you make changes to the site, and you may test again. The process is a bit of trial and error until you are pleased with the way your site performs.

The Site Tests Are Remote

You will allow access to your site through your testing company, and they will let you know how each test has gone. They send a report for each test that shows how it went, and they will let you know if the changes you are making to the site are working. Anyone who receives a report from the testing company must ensure that they reviewed it completely before they have their next test done.

The tests that you order for your website will test the load capacity of your server. The server will be quite easy to manage when you have made simple improvements, and you may continue to test the servers for as long as you like. Each step in the process will help you change your website for the better, and you will give your riders a better experience when they visit.

Upgrading Your Hosting

If you have a business (especially a small business) it's important to make changes if you find that your site is not up to speed, especially if it's a small business site where you can't afford to have it down and problems with your site can directly affect your bottom line more than a larger business. It's important to understand as a business that if you're trying to use technology to state competitive, but using old technology, you're falling behing. According to Webhostingbuddy.com (full article here: https://webhostingbuddy.com/best-web-hosting-for-small-businesses/), all small business need to really think about the types of hosting they use and make careful choices as one poor choice can result in the loss of a large percentage of customers.


How to Determine the Response of a Software Device to
Load Capacity Using Load Testing

The process by which a specified amount of data load is put on a computing device or a software system to determine how it responds to different load pressure values is known as load testing. The systems have different behavior under normal circumstances or when they are operating under peak load, and so the performance test is carried out to identify any problems that might arise under system optimal operating capacity. This process of testing various slightly with stress testing, which refers to an unusually high amount of load put on a system to see how it will behave under such stressful operational situations. The ratio of anticipated outcome of error conditions to accuracy is always tilted towards obvious error outcome; however, there is no clear distinction between a stress test and load test.

With technology increasingly playing a center role in almost all human activities, the performance of websites, web applications, and software capabilities is a major concern to the developers of devices. It is for this reason that the optimization of website performance becomes a crucial issue in taking the lead in Internet competitions. All online activities depend on the navigability of websites, their speed, and response time, and therefore issues of performance, load capacity, and stress resistance form an integral aspect of efficient system management. The ability to pinpoint problems of performance is important in helping a software manufacturer or a website builder to set the right parameters for better results.

Load testing a site is necessary to establish what might be causing slowdowns, unresponsiveness or poor navigation quality. Common tools used for load testing are Tsung, LoadView, and Octoperf. The entire tests related to performance or stress capacity are useful for helping to scale up a platform or system. The content efficiency of a website is optimized so that delivery of each and every byte of the site produces excellent performance. The process of performance improvement begins with optimizing or minimizing the amount of data that users download. Knowing how a browser can render all resources on a site is a condition for the improvement of code effectiveness, which in turn necessitates stress and load testing.

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